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This functionality is only available from version 2024.x.


The 3DViewStation can be integrated into Java applications using our ViewStationIntegration.jar library. We recommend that you take a look at our example before integrating the library into your application. The following steps will guide you through the process of setting up your first integration.

1.Download and install the desktop version of 3DViewStation

2.Use a valid license file for integrations (please contact our consulting and sales team)

3.Make sure your Java development environment is set up

4.Download our Java integration library

5.Download the integration sample

6.Extract both containers to the same directory

7.The directory should contain the library, the java files, a manifest, an icon and a batch script

8.Open the directory in your IDE

9.Add a reference to ViewStationIntegration.jar to ensure that the application can access the classes provided by the library

10.Update Main.java by replacing <path> in the ViewStation constructor with the full path to the 3DViewStation.exe you installed in step 1

11.Execute or debug the code

12.Open a command line in the directory containing the Build.bat file

13.Run the Build.bat file, which will create an executable JAR file

14.Run the application using

java -jar integration.jar

15.Take a look at the JavaDoc and the XML-API

16.If you need further help, please contact our consulting and sales team

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