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Network Licensing (Floating)

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Unlike node locked licenses, network licenses are not tied to the hardware of a computer. The license type displayed is Floating. It means that multiple users can share the use of the license using various different workplaces. A network license server is required for the usage rights administration.


3DViewStation can, for example, be run on any two workstations simultaneously if you have purchased two network licenses. Please note that a feature (or a license) is only in use when it is needed. Opening 3DViewStation will not require a license, but the import of a specific format will result in the utilization of an import license; similarly, an export license will only be requested from the license server when a relevant format is saved. All licenses are returned when the 3DViewStation application is closed. The same licenses are then once again available for use on a different workstation.

The license server offers the additional option of making available only specific licenses to specific users. In this way, for example, you can make all features available to one user and only allow the remaining users the export to the KISTERS 3DVS format.


For detailed instructions on installing, licensing, and setting up network licensing, refer to the chapter Installation Guide for Network Licenses (Floating).


If no information is entered in the Licensing pane under License Server, your license server is unavailable. Please contact your own system administrator first.


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