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User Interface Concept

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The 3DViewStation UI is divided into the following areas (here with the tool Bill of material (BOM) enabled):




Output Area

The output area displays information about the loading process of models, for example.

Function Area

Here you will find all operating functions of the 3DViewStation grouped on topic-related tabs.

Info Area

There are three sub-panes available in the info area:

Properties: Displays context related properties for the currently selected objects and options to edit these.

Settings: Contains all configuration parameters of the 3DViewStation, sorted by profile, import, export and program settings

Licensing: Displays licensing information and offers the option for activation via an activation key, and a license checkout option for specific time periods in case of network licenses (see chapter Installation and Licensing).

Model Area

This main area displays the 3D geometry data of the actual loaded model (part or assembly).

Quick Access Toolbar

Among other things, this bar offers quick access to selected functions. The function selection can be adjusted via the last icon on the right (see chapter Quick Access Toolbar).

Structure Area

Inside point structure of the loaded model is displayed in this area. The current model area can be saved and restored in the view pane (see chapter Views).

Tool Area

This area displays function specific sub-panes (e.g. for measuring or cutting).

Help Box

Helpful information is displayed in the lower part of the relevant sub pane whenever you click menu items or some of the buttons.

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