This functionality is only available from version 2020.1.


In the Analysis functional area, you can use the Band analysis tool to graphically display the distance between geometries (surfaces and solids).


The Band analysis tool window is divided into three sections:

Minimal distance,

Band analysis and


As always, you will find information on the individual options in the tool's info boxes.

Minimum Distance & Dimensioning

Analogous to the Distance: Solid to solid function in the Measurement tab, the smallest distance between two selected geometries (surfaces and solids) can be dimensioned here. This is useful, for example, to define the absolute color bands.

Settings for the annotations (3D markups) of the minimum distance can be found in the Dimensioning section.

Band Analysis

The calculation of the band analysis can be absolute or relative (see below).

You can define up to 6 bands for the distance visualization. If you enter 0, this band is not calculated.

The resolution of the considered points for the visualization of the distance calculation is determined automatically, but can be defined manually under Refinement. Smaller values lead to finer transitions of the bands, but also to a longer calculation time. The resolution must not exceed the width of the smallest band.

By the calculation of the bands the original geometries are hidden and colored geometries are created. These are stored in the model structure under CreatedNodes > BandAnalysisSet > BandAnalysis 1 etc. Each band as well as the geometry parts that were not captured represent own geometries and can be selected. Thus further processing, dimensioning and export are possible.

Absolute Band Analysis

Takes into account the minimum distance between the selected geometries and colors the bands according to the specification. To create bands according to the following example, you must specify the absolute distance (minimum distance + width of the previous band).


Relative Band Analysis

The relative calculation, however, does not take into account the minimum distance between the geometries and the width of the previous band. Therefore, you only need to specify the desired width for the respective band.

As a result, the relative calculation can now be used for further analyses with geometries of different distances without any further adjustment.

The following information leads to the same visualization as in the above example for the absolute calculation:





You want to combine several geometries into one object for analysis? You will find this option for a selection of geometries in the Model tab in the Merge objects tool.

The bands are initially created without edges. If they are required for measurements or transformation, for example, you can generate them using the Generate wires function in the Tools tab under Geometry Tools.

Do you use different but recurring settings? Save them as a profile to quickly switch between different settings.



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