The View tab offers further visualization options.


The isometric view is preconfigured with a 45° vertical and horizontal angle. The configuration of these angles can be changed via Settings > Default > Scene > Change orientation (see ch. Settings) or those of the current scene by clicking the background under Properties > Scene properties > Alignment (see chapter View and Edit Properties of Selected Objects).

In the Zoom area, the Focus function allows you to center a selection (see chapter Object Selection and Saving Selections) in the Model Area. This function is useful to focus on a node selected in the structure (e.g. sub assembly). This function is also available in the context menu (right click).

The functions Render mode and Graphic effects adjust the scene of the current model. You can, for example, display the wireframe without fill, switch to monochrome rendering of the model in the Illustration mode or click the Opaque button to temporarily remove the transparency of all geometries. In other words: these are simply display effects, which have no effect on an export.

You can also use the option Shadow to add a shadow thrown by the part. You can influence the behaviour of the shadow in Properties > Scene Properties > Visualization > Shadow.

The Split scene function offers four independent views of a model.

You can view several models simultaneously in the tab view (default) by simply dragging a tab into the model area. Drag the same tab back to a position next to another tab to return to the original view.

Using the pane view instead of the tab view will allow an arrangement of the model panes via the function Cascade, Tile Vertically and Tile Horizontally. The pane view is enabled when the tab view is disabled in Settings > Application > UI.

Under Show panes you can hide or show panes such as the Licensing pane. You can also reset the entire user interface to its default settings; this action will not affect settings or profiles.

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