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If problems occur, the log files on the server and client provide information about the cause of the problem:

The server log file lmx-serv.log can be found directly in the installation directory.

You can open the client log file directly from the 3DViewStation. To do this, click Userin the Help tab in the Folder area. The directory %userprofile%\Documents\Kisters\ViewStation is opened. In this folder you will find the subfolder Logs with the files of the logged-in user.


hmtoggle_plus0 Problem 1: Unable to connect to license server

hmtoggle_plus0 Problem 2: No features to borrow.

hmtoggle_plus0 Problem 3: Importer cannot be initialized (importer name)! Missing Microsoft Redistributables.

hmtoggle_plus0 Problem 4: Runtime error: SWbemObjectSet: Invalid class

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