Installation Guide for Network Licenses (Floating)

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Please download the setups of the KISTERS 3DViewStation and the license server. You will find the download links and numerous accompanying notes in the following chapters. No deinstallation is necessary for an update, your license is not affected either.

Detailed information on the use of the 3DViewStation can be found in the tutorial. This can also be called up directly from the 3DViewStation via the Help tab or by pressing the [F1] key in the set language. The offline versions in all supported languages can be found in the installation directory of the 3DViewStation.

The installation instructions are divided into these chapters:

Installation serveur de licences et attribution de licences

Communication  Client - Serveur de licences

Attribution manuelle licence 3DViewStation

Répartition logiciels

Surveillance licences

Résolution d'erreurs

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