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License Server Installation and Licensing

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To install the license server, proceed as follows:

Download the ZIP archive License Server 64 Bit from the Downloads chapter (More Downloads section) and unzip it.

Execute the included setup and follow the installation instructions (e.g. lmx-enduser-tools_v4.9.1_win64_x64.msi).

Select the enclosed liblmxvendor.dll and install the license server as a service. Do not start the license server after installation, as the license must be added first.


After completing the installation, place the Network.lic file in the LM-X program directory before starting the LM-X license server service. For example C:\Program Files\X-Formation\LM-X End-user Tools. Do not put old licenses or the client license (3DVS.lic) in this directory!

If the above steps have been completed successfully, start the license server service.

The license server service can be uninstalled from the Windows system control.

Note: The license server can be maintained remotely. The access password can be changed in the server configuration file lmx-serv.cfg. This can be found in the installation directory. Search for REMOTE_ACCESS_PASSWORD.

Note on updating the license server software and license

If licenses have been borrowed via the calendar function of the 3DViewStation client, a parallel update in exceptional cases may result in the license not being actively returned by the user before the expiry of the loan period. The license is available again on the server after the expiry of the loan period.

The license can be replaced without stopping the service. Afterwards the service has to be restarted.

A new license software can be installed parallel in a new directory according to the above instructions. Stop the old license service and then start the new service. We recommend that you uninstall the old service.

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