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Deactivation: Changing or Modifying an Activated System

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If you want to make changes to an activated PC, e.g. a hard disk replacement and/or install a new operating system, the old system must first be deactivated. Otherwise this activation expires and is no longer available to you!

If deactivation has been forgotten, please contact our sales department to find a solution.


When uninstalling, a license is also deactivated by default. This can be prevented with the corresponding option. Deactivation without uninstallation is possible via the licensing window (visible at the bottom left of the factory settings).  If this feature is hidden, you can show it again via the View tab.




Open 3DViewStation and click the button Deactivate Key in the licensing pane. This process can take a short moment. Demo will now be output as license type.

3d_admin_schluesselaktdeakt_1_zoom75   3d_admin_setup_viewstationactivator_zoom65

Each license under maintenance can be deactivated and reactivated twice per maintenance year free of charge. This means that ten reactivations are available for five purchased licenses. Thus, for example, each workstation can be changed twice or a single workstation can be changed ten times.

For licenses that are no longer under maintenance, the deactivations are not renewed. Activations and deactivations that have not yet been used are retained and can still be used or consumed.

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