Node Locked Licensing with Online Activation (Seat)

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Node locked licenses are tied to the hardware of a specific PC.

Compared to file-based licensing, license activation has the advantage that the user or system administrator can independently deactivate the license and thus unbind to a specific computer in order to use this license on another PC.

Please note that the license must be deactivated before changing PCs or changing an activated system. Otherwise this activation expires and is no longer available to you! For more information, see Deactivation: Change or modify an activated system. Changing or modifying an activated system.

Please download the recommended version of the 3DViewStation and start the installation.

Information about software updates, version information (release notes) and the supported formats can also be obtained directly from the 3DViewStation by clicking on the Help tab.

Detailed information on the use of the 3DViewStation can be found in the User tutorial. You can also call the tutorial from the started 3DViewStation by pressing the [F1] key or via the Help tab in the selected language.

This chapter contains these topics:

Attivazione durante l'installazione

Aggiornamento di KISTERS 3DViewStation

Attivazione di una KISTERS 3DViewStation installata

Disattivazione Cambio o modifica di un sistema attivato

Panoramica del computer attivato

Risoluzione dei problemi

Distribuzione del software

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