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Keyboard Functions (Default Assignment)

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The following keyboard functions are set by default:

Keyboard functions



Additive selection or deselection of elements


Ending the current function and activating the select mode


Selection or deselection of elements by areas


Ghosting for objects under the cursor


Displays ghosting in reverse order


Hide objects


Restore hide


Isolate selection


Select all

[Ctrl]+ [ñ]+[A]

Deselect all


Invert selection


Copy objects


Insert copied objects


Show grid on/off


Undo last operation


Show Help tutorial


Zoom Fit


Tessellation on/off


Full-screen mode on/off

The keyboard commands can be added to and adapted as needed. Simply open the Customize pane in the quick access toolbar and click Keyboard shortcuts: [Customize].

Note: [F1] and [F11] cannot be reassigned.

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