The following 3D markup tools are available to attach annotations in the model area: Text, circle, rectangle and freehand. These can be stored as a view.


The following steps are required to add annotations in the model area:

Enable the desired function in the 3D Markup area of the Tools tab.

Attributes like color can be configured in the Markup tool pane before generating the 3D markups. End the currently selected function first if you want to edit existing markups. Then you can select, delete or edit the desired object as usual in the properties pane.

Left click the model area to specify the start point of the 3D markup, hold the button and drag the mouse to the desired end point.

Circles are drawn from their center point.

Text markups must be generated on a geometry.

The text container of a text markup can be selected and moved at any time. Please use the transformation functions to move an entire markup as well as circles, rectangles and free hand drawings.

Save a view to store the 3D markups and the view of the model associated with these markups. We recommend creating a view before you start annotating, so that you can return to the status before you applied any markups at any time (see chapter Customizing the View).

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