Various functions are available for orienting the model. After opening a model, the two functions Zoom rectangle and Select are activated by default. You control both functions using the left mouse button.


The Select function is executed by clicking the left mouse button. You can change the function by clicking on the left mouse button in the Start tab > Selection Mode, for example.

The zoom rectangle, which is activated as well, can also be controlled with the left mouse button: If you hold down the left mouse button, you can draw a frame in the model window. This function allows you to adapt the display area to the content of the frame. The function with pressed left mouse button can be changed in the Start > Operation tab.

The model area is adjusted to the display of all objects by double clicking in an empty area of the model pane or via Zoom in combination with the function Fit.

Turning the mouse wheel or using the function Zoom in or Zoom out will increase or reduce the display size.

Clicking and holding the right mouse button while moving the mouse within the model area will rotate the view. The virtual camera is moved around the model, while the model remains static. The rotation point is located either along the center line of the model or (with the right mouse button clicked on a particular spot of the model) along the cursor line. This rotation point is visualized with a cross.

A single right click of the mouse opens the context menu and allows quick access to frequently used functions, which will be explained in more detail in the coming chapters.

By pressing both mouse buttons or the middle mouse button (mouse wheel) and simultaneously moving the cursor, the view of the model can be moved.

You can change more mouse settings and pre-assignments via Settings > Default > Scene > Mouse (see also chapter Settings).

More options for the orientation and visualization of the model are described in chapter Customizing the View.

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