Neutral Axis, calculate straight length

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The function Neutral axis can be accessed via the Analyze > Feature Recognition tab.


A neutral axis (zero line) is the axis or layer of a beam or tube cross-section whose length does not change with twisting or bending. With this tool the stretched length for circular tubes can be determined, independent of their bending. This is why this function is sometimes called the "extended length calculator". The neutral axis is calculated on the basis of individual segments. A segment is formed by two circles connected by a straight line or forming an arc.




To calculate the neutral axis, proceed as follows:

Activate the Neutral axis function via the Analyze tab.

Create a selection for the calculation. Without a selection, the neutral axis is calculated for all visible geometries with a circular cross-section.

If necessary, adjust the settings and then start the analysis using the [Compute] button.

Geometries for visualization and dimensioning are created as NEUTRALAXISSET under the CreatedNodes node.

To obtain information on the individual settings, click on a setting in the tool area. You will then receive detailed descriptions of the respective setting in the lower area of the windows – in the so-called Help Box.

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