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You will find license type specific information in the relevant chapters. We currently offer the following licensing options:

Licensing type

Type of Licensing


Node Locked Licensing (Seat)

Activation Key

see chapter Node Locked Licensing with Online Activation (Seat)

Network Licensing (Floating)

Network License Server

see chapter Network Licensing (Floating)

In the Licensing pane, you can view all information related to your license. It can be found in the bottom left corner next to Properties and Settings. You can unhide this pane should it be hidden. Mark the checkbox Licensing in the View tab.


No matter what your license type, you will always have the following information at hand:

License type: The type of license you have.

License serial number: Please state this number in all correspondence.

Build Date (DD.MM.YYYY): Release date of the installed build.

License file path: Location of the license file.


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